VIDMAKER 101 – A timeless classic how-to book for visual storytelling.  The storytelling secrets of the Hollywood professionals!  How to turn out hit web vids time after time!  Find out if you are a hidden classic vidmaker or a contemporary hot shot pantser exness!

(trade paperback CS)



THE DEVILDOGS OF OLD SAUK TRAIL – Stories and myths of Midwestern pioneer spirit, and hard learned lessons from the not-so-common heroes of yesteryear.

(trade paperback CS)



TINSEL WILDERNESS – Lessons on survival as a creative person in Hollywood and other extreme climates.

Winner Best Non-Fiction Book EPIC AUTHORS AWARD 2009 

(ebooks DD, trade paperback CS exness brokers



TANS Vol 1 – True life military intelligence stories from the Old Spooks & Spies

(trade paperback and ebooks iUniverse)




THE BOOK OF DEACON – Folk and common sense wisdom from Africa as handed down in oral tradition and remembered by pro football great Deacon Jones.

(trade paperback Seven Locks Press)



HEADSLAP: The Life & Times of Deacon Jones – Integration and civil rights comes to the USA and the NFL as experienced by pro football hall of famer David Deacon Jones.  The highly acclaimed official biography written by John Klawitter and Deacon Jones. (trade paperback Prometheus Books) exness legal in india

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