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DOUBLESPIN – Ex-schoolteacher Lucy Weiler and her friends are quietly living in a retirement home in North Hollywood when they are propositioned by a slick stranger to participate in the inter-galactic “Save Your Planet Game Show”  The stranger makes a great pitch to be on his show and have a chance to save the earth, but the home has a profitable Alzheimer’s Ward, and an unscrupulous director with an intense desire to fill it exness.

(ebook: DD, trade paperback CS)


– Ex-Cowboy cheerleader Clair Moore will need more than a smoking fastball to survive life with Hollywood bad boy writer Jack Larch, particularly since everyone close to Jack ends up missing or dead.

(ebook SW, trade paperback CS)


THE ROGUE PIRATE’S BIBLE HERETICAL – Steve McQueen roars through the afterlife, Jonah survives man-eaters on the desert, Neanderthals terrorize Sodom & Gemorrah, and Jesus hangs out at Starbucks in this version of the bible from a distant planet near you.

(ebook: DD trade paperback CS)


HOLLYWOOD HAVOC – The Trouble With Fat Boy.  Energetic and resourceful low budget film producer Matthew “Hollywood” Havoc has his hands full stealing costly location shots, dodging greedy agents and avoiding his sexy superstar ex wife.  But his worst trouble is a crazed terrorist intent on blowing up Southern California with a cement truck named Fat Boy.  Winner Best Action Thriller Novel EPIC AUTHORS AWARD 2009 exness india

(ebook DD, trade paperback CS)


HOLLYWOOD HAVOC – The Llama Goes Up.  Matt Havoc’s troubles continue on location in Oregon and climax in downtown Los Angeles with a dangerously rigged French helicopter.

(ebook DD, trade paperback CS)



FOUL – The doctors tell indy filmmaker Brando Maher he doesn’t have long to live.  Hoping to make the most of his time, he agrees to produce a docu-drama on the career of pro football’s great Ripper Brown.  But some mean folk in bad places don’t want that story told.  And when Ripper’s pretty blond wife is murdered, Brando is the prime suspect.

(ebook DD, trade paperback CS)


THE HEART OF DESIRE – Waves of violence roll across the Southwestern United States as Clay Rhett broker exness, the fated Man With The Scar, fights for his life in a game of chance played by the demi-gods.  Hey, it’s his own fault; he signed up for it.

(ebook DD, trade paperback CS)



DEVILS – Everybody in the know in Los Angeles is raving about funny, tricky Horny Hamster and  underground cartoonist Mica Harris, Horny’s up and coming young creator.  But after Mica’s wife and daughter are killed in a fiery car crash, Mica becomes convinced the world is being taken over by demonic creatures.

(ebook DD, trade paperback CS)


CRAZYHEAD – It is 1965 in wartime Saigon, the decaying pearl of the Orient.  Dennis “Mad Denny” Haller is a romantic, adventurer, ASA linguist and a loner.  He’s doing alright until he meets the girl he wants to hate, and his world starts to fall apart.
(ebook SW, trade paperback CS)


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