About John

John Klawitter is a Hollywood writer, producer and director who pocket option writes fiction and non-fiction books.  He often adapts his novels to screenplays that he then peddles around town.   (So far, a few fat options, but no brass ring.) His novels are based on his years surviving as a creative person in the ad biz and in show biz.  It is an interesting life.

He has worked as the Creative Director of Disney Studios in Burbank, and as an independent creative resource for Warner Bros, Universal Studios, Paramount and the Disney Channel, as well pocket option free download for pc as for many indy production companies including Hanna Barbera, Franke Films,

Pink Planet Productions, Eyeline Films and Zoiyu Productions.  His films and television specials havge appeared on NBC, the BBC, and the Disney Channel, and he has written many memorable song lyrics, advertising jingles and television show openings, including “Disney’s Wonderful World”, “Now & Then”, and “The Bugs Bunny/Road Runner Show pocket option promo code ”.

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